Why Argan Oil Shampoo?

Why Argan Oil Shampoo?

The Argan oil extracted from the nuts called Argania Spinsoa obtained through Argan tree that is commonly found in Morocco. That is why it is also famous as Moroccan oil. The Argan oil has unlimited uses and benefits, due to which it is also known as ‘liquid gold’ and ‘king of oils’. Besides its numerous applications and advantages, Argan oil is extremely beneficial for hair. Hence, Argan oil shampoo has been developed so that the benefits of Argan oil for the hair and scalp can be provided to the people through its use. Argan oil is also extensively rich in anti-oxidant contents.

It holds the anti-sebum property that has been clinically proven to be highly effective for the cleaning or washing of both skin and hair. The glands within the skin of the entire body and the scalp essentially discharge an oily substance called sebum. The purpose of this substance is to save the skin from breaking apart. However, when a lot of sebum is released then the skin becomes oily that further accumulates the bacteria and the dead cells causing dry scalp. For this purpose, Argan Oil for the hair is the best remedy to make the hair clean, healthy and free from bacteria and dead cells. Argan oil is also well known for its wound healing, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Nevertheless, these traditional claims have not been clinically testified yet. Furthermore, Argan oil can also make the hair look shiny. Since the anti-oxidants such like vitamin E are found in Argan oil in significant proportions, therefore it can be effectively utilized as an anti-aging agent.

Features of Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil shampoo is free from paraben and sulfate. Sulfate can make the dry scalp itchy, if the skin is sensitive. On the other hand, parabens are preservatives that have been found to be associated with breast cancer. Hence, the Argan oil shampoo does not create the lathering effect like other conventional shampoos because it does not include sulfate. In general, although the effect produced by the Argan oil shampoo on the hair is very silky, smooth, clean and healthy looking however different brands use different ingredients and thereby, they yield different results. Thus, people need to try the numerous products before they are able to find the one that actually suits them the most. Several brands are available in the market, which specialize in the cold pressed Argan oil shampoo and other such Moroccan oil based cosmetic products. Some of these shampoos are of frequent use providing daily nourishment and moisture to the hair and the scalp. They are free from colors and sulfate and include mild detergents for making the hair clean. It is important that the selected product contains the Moroccan oil that is cold pressed and holds all of the natural characteristics and the anti-oxidants. The purpose behind the use of a mild detergent in these Argan oil shampoos is to make the hair look radiant, shiny, clean and healthy at the same time.

Results Achieved through the Use of Argan Oil Shampoo

The most advanced treatments available today for the hair care include washing hair with Argan oil shampoo since it not only cleans your hair but also makes them look bouncy, strong, and shinier apart from providing them more volume and increasing their resistance towards breakage. Any reliable brand of Argan oil shampoo has the ability to treat the problems of hair-brittleness, hair-thinning and can also resolve the issue of hair loss for the long term.

Precautions to be taken before the Use of Argan Oil Shampoo

Nevertheless, in addition to all these advantages of the use of Argan oil shampoo, there are some specific precautionary measures that should be taken by all men and women before they actually use any of such products. They following precautions should be taken before the use of any Argan oil based product on your hair or skin:

  1. Although the regular use of Argan oil shampoo will improve the quality of your hair and make you feel young however the loss of hair and hair thinning problems may persist if they have been caused as a result of many possible health conditions. If this is the case with you then first consult your doctor or any dermatologist before using the Argan oil shampoo.
  2. There are numerous issues related to the scalp, such like inflammation of the scalp, open wounds, hypersensitivity to some specific types of foods and scalp flare outs due to allergies, which should be resolved first through medical interventions before you actually opt to use the Argan oil on your hair. Thus, it is highly recommended to seek the help of a dermatologist in order solve such an issue and never try to adopt any natural hair treatment plan without the confirmation of your doctor.
  3. Moreover, other skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema needs also be taken care of beforehand. Professional consultation for your hair and skin are mandatory in these scenarios before you actually begin to use Argan oil shampoo.
  4. It is suggested that you protect your hair with the help of a good hair-sunscreen or with any physical shield such like a hat or a cap since a natural sheen appears on the top most layer of the hair, most of the times, after the use of Argan oil shampoo.
  5. Too much pressure should not apply on hair as it may pull the hair off from their follicles to a significant extent if you are using the Argan Oil Shampoo on a regular basis.

Argan oil shampoo is an amazing treatment for the hair care providing numerous benefits however some precautions should be taken before and after its use. It is always better to consult your doctor first before beginning the use of any of such natural remedies or treatment options. Also, it is necessary to ensure that the selected brand of the Argan oil shampoo is using the pure Argan oil in it or else you will not get the desired results.