Importance Of Physical Fitness

Importance Of Physical Fitness

Would you like to feel better, to have more energy and even more to live? All you have to do is start an exercise program. First of all you must control your mind, to increase your ambition and your willingness but also to give up in having a sedentary life, in eating all kind of junk food and also to avoid including again and again all kind of reasons for why you don''t practice sport. Start an exercise program and have the best from your new healthy life!

Importance of physical fitness - from preventing chronic diseases to enhance cardiology self-reliance - are hard to ignore. Seven of the benefits that underline the importance of physical fitness program are:

1. Exercise improves mood- Exercise stimulates a series of nerve centers of the brain, which will help you feel happier and more relaxed. You will also look better if you follow a regular exercise program, and this will improve self-image and self-confidence. In addition, exercise reduces anxiety and depression.

2. Exercise combat chronic diseases- A regular exercise program can help prevent or control hypertension. Even cholesterol will benefit if you move. Regular exercise helps to increase HDL (known as "good" cholesterol) while the decrease LDL ("bad" cholesterol). Moreover, sport can help prevent type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain cancers.


3. Exercise helps maintain weight control- When you exercise and burn calories as it is more intense, burning even more calories. Should not deposit too much effort and not require a long time. Go up the stairs instead take the elevator, take a little walk during lunch break, do some squats in the commercial breaks or, even better, turn the TV and go for a walk.

4. Exercise strengthens your heart and lungs - Through exercise, tissues are better oxygenated and fed with nutrients, and this leads to improve whole cardiovascular system.

5. Exercise offers good sleep- The nap will help you focus, be more productive and be in good mood. A regular exercise program can help you fall asleep easier and sleep offers. If you have trouble sleeping, try to make sport in the afternoon.

6. Exercise can reinvigorate your sex life. The exercises performed on a regular basis will help you feel more energetic and look good, which will have a positive impact on sexual life. In addition, physical activity improves blood circulation, leading to greater satisfaction in terms of gender. Men who make exercise a regular basis are much less likely to deal with erectile dysfunction.


7. Exercise can be fun - Physical activity need not be a chore. Subscribe to dance classes, tours, climbing or mountain (where you climb on foot). Gather some friends and organize a football match, volleyball, tennis, etc.. All that matters is to make the move.

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