Drop It ‘Coz It’s HOT!!!  Xpress Healthcare™ with Cookie

Drop It ‘Coz It’s HOT!!! Xpress Healthcare™ with Cookie

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Drop It ‘Coz It’s HOT!!!

By Cookie in January 9th 2012 1 Comment »

There are so many unique marketing strategies out there, but there’s none as creative and attention-grabbing as a drop card. Drop cards come in many forms and sizes, but the BEST one there is, is the one that looks like a $100 bill (or a $20, $10 or $5)!

Now, who wouldn’t want to pick up a $100 bill lying on a bench or the floor? People wouldn’t hesitate to receive a folded bill like the one above if you hand it to them! Best part about drop cards is that you can leave them anywhere, anytime. You WILL be sure to know that someone WILL eventually pick it up. That doesn’t happen always if you leave just your regular business card.

Drop cards are a nice strategy to market your product, or market yourself, or basically any information you would like to disseminate to the public, because the inside portion is customizable for your marketing call. This is one of those materials that truly WORKS!

I found this website for this dollar bill drop card:, and it’s where I get mine for my business. Hopefully, you will find these drop cards to work for you, too!

Enjoy making marketing materials that deliver. Here’s to your success!

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Rich Hernandez January 9th 2012 at 4:52 pm # Reply

Great idea! Definitely want to get peoples attention and give them something to remember you by. Thanks for sharing that with us Cookie!

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